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Screen to Screen Selling is available in hardcover, digital, and bulk discount for large group orders


Dedicated Sales Team

We have committed and knowledgeable sales representatives in McGraw-Hill offices around the world, representing all major markets. They work closely with bookstore chains, online retailers, college and university bookstores, specialty accounts, and library suppliers to maximize sales and promotions worldwide.

Special Sales

Our worldwide special sales teams sell to outlets other than regular bookstores, including:

  • Copies for sale at speaking engagements.
  • Sales to corporations for workshops or premiums.
  • Custom publishing including chapter reprints and customized content.
  • Sales to associations, organizations, and the government.


There are various ways that we can offer our book at relevant conferences. Bear in mind that it can take up to eight weeks to organize appropriate promotion of our event, especially for conferences at international locations. Please confirm upcoming engagements quickly to secure dates in advance in order to prevent delays.

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Screen to Screen Selling is comprehensive in covering global trends, mobile solutions, customers’ expanding needs, and pragmatic sales metrics.