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Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss, Ph.D.
Author of Million Dollar Consulting and 60 other books
It’s rare to see a book that includes the entrepreneur, boutique business owner, and corporate manager.
Screen to Screen Selling is comprehensive in covering global trends, mobile solutions, customers’ expanding needs, and pragmatic sales metrics. I think it will become THE source for market leaders, start-ups, and early adapters.

Don Hutson, Co-author of the New York Times #1 Best-Seller, The One Minute Entrepreneur,
CEO of U. S. Learning and Hall of Fame Speaker
Every sales professional should read this book.
Doug DeVitre’s new book, Screen to Screen Selling is the most comprehensive and thoughtful work I have seen on the utilization of technology to sell one’s products and services. Don’t make yourself obsolete by ignoring the new ways to sell when the content of this book will give you a competitive advantage!”

Jill Konrath
Jill Konrath
Author of Agile Selling, SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies
It’ll open your mind to what’s really possible today.
OMG! Screen-to-Screen Selling is filled with info, tips and resources to help you leverage technology to increase sales.

Art Sobczak


Art Sobczak, author of “Smart Calling- Eliminate the Fear,
Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling”
Some of us have always known that selling remotely is the smartest way to sell.
Now, there is no excuse for EVERYONE to do it.
“Screen to Screen Selling” removes the barriers for salespeople who were reluctant to marry selling skills and strategy, the phone, and technology. Get it and master it before your
competition does.

James Dwiggins

James Dwiggins
CEO NextHome Inc.
A MUST read for fast moving teams who want to use technology as a strategic lever.
Finally a book that provides the “how to” in using the latest technology for strategic growth into new markets. The visualization process has been critical for our team to identify new opportunities, sell more franchises, and provide a higher level of support for our franchise owners.

Jeffrey Hayzlett
Primetime TV & Radio Host, Speaker, Author, Cowboy
Old school selling was belly rubbing sales guys.
Now the best sales professionals use screen-to-screen. Doug Devitre shows us how we can use technology, time, and tenacity to drive success in sales from anywhere.

Mark Hunter Screen to Screen Selling
Mark Hunter
The Sales Hunter & Author of High-Profit Selling
The business of selling has changed, problem is very few salespeople understand how the business has changed. Doug Devitre has the plan and lays it all out for you to see and more importantly how to implement it. If you’re not concerned about selling faster and more efficiently then there’s no need for you to read this book. If on the other hand you’re looking to close more sales faster then you need this book NOW.

Eric_YuanEric Yuan
CEO, Zoom Video Communications
This book has earned a permanent place in my library.
Screen to Screen Selling is the perfect step by step guide for selling in today’s technology driven world. Doug Devitre outlines how to successfully use your existing resources to garner the most business without compromising the customer experience.

Stefan_SwanepoelStefan Swanepoel
New York Times best-selling author, Swanepoel T3 Group
This is a great tool!
The next generation of real estate is choosing smarter technology, raising the bar for the customer experience, and fine tuning skills to be more productive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Screen to Screen Selling is the first book to pick apart the remote sales process and provide actionable and measurable checklists that will aid the astute real estate agent to increase sales and productivity.

GlennGlenn Sanford
Founder and CEO eXp Realty
Better quality of life and very positive ROI.
Online collaboration and presentation tools have matured along with Internet connectivity such that Screen to Screen should be one of the main ways you communicate and collaborate. Doug provides the when, why and how to use your computer to remotely meet with clients, coworkers and even friends and family. Read his book, apply the strategies you learn here and you may find that Screen to Screen provides you with a better quality of life and a very positive ROI.

Tony_ AlessandraDr. Tony Alessandra
Author of Collaborative Selling and 30+ business books
“An incredible resource to help us master this new electronic form of selling!”
“Because of advanced technologies, selling today is slowly but surely moving from face-to-face in-person selling to virtual selling. Doug Devitre’s new book on Screen to Screen Selling is an incredible resource to help us master this new electronic form of selling. As most of our sales are over the phone and computer demonstrations, I quickly had my staff dig into Doug’s book to help us become more effective and efficient at screen to screen selling. It’s working!”

Roger Courville Screen to Screen SellingRoger Courville, CSP
Author of The Virtual Presenter’s Playbook
Don’t miss the opportunity to add this competitive edge to your arsenal.
Relationship doesn’t have to be a casualty at the intersection of humanity and technology. Doug masterfully connects real sales skills with practical strategies for scaling your productivity and paydays.

steve_harneySteve Harney
Founder, Keeping Current Matters
Establishing trust with a new customer you never meet face to face has its challenges.
Technology can get in the way even more if you don’t know how to use it confidently. Finally, a book has been published that shows you how to build trust with customers, demonstrate your skills and convert them to clients without gassing up the car to meet them. Screen to Screen Selling is a step-by-step guide that helps you select the right technology, conceptualize tough problems faster and develop new technical skills needed to be competitive in today’s housing market. It is a must read for every real estate professional.

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This book contains actionable checklists, ways to measure performance, and ideas to help you use the latest technology to increase sales.